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We have an extensive department of 14 skilled craftsman and craftswomen who are devoted to the alteration/repairing of footwear uppers.

STRAP ALTERATIONS   $39.95-$69.95

A strap broke apart from your shoe? Need a strap adjusted to fit properly? Snapped elastic? Want to make straps more comfy? These are alterations we do on a daily basis.

CALF/SHAFT ALTERATIONS   $129.95-$189.95

If you have a pair of ankle boots that don’t fit properly, either too narrow or too large in the shaft, we can alter the shaft to accommodate your needs.

For boots with or without a zipper, we can also shorten shafts if they hit too high on the leg.


We have a large stock of zippers in a variety of colors and finishes that we use to replace broken zippers, replace for a different style or color, or even add to existing boots that don’t currently have zippers. We carry zippers that current designers use on their brands.

HARDWARE   $12.95-$69.95

We carry an extensive collection of hardware such as buckles, d-rings, beads, ornaments, zipper pulls, locks, studs, rivets, eyelets, clasps, hooks and many more items to service needs including: hardware replacement, reattachment or customization.

PADDING + COMFORT   $12.95-$39.95

Is your footwear uncomfortable and too big? We can add foam or cork padding inside your footwear for a more comfortable fit and to help take up space when the item is too large in size. Padding can either be full length or just a half pad in the forefront of the footwear.

RECONSTRUCTION   $39.95-$149.95

Dog bite, impact damage, fire or water wear and tear? Depending on the original item construction, we may be able to reconstruct the damaged area.

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