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Pedag boot shapers 14 inches long are cleverly designed to keep your boots in shape. They also expand to fit almost all boot widths. Boot shapers make drying and cleaning your boots much easier, they gently smooth out wrinkles, improve air circulation inside your boots and make storing your boots easier. They also do wonders for keeping the floor of your closet tidy! Pedag boot shapers are made of plastic with a durable metal spring that expands and contracts for easy insertion and to fit your boot shaft width. Pedag Boot Shapers DO NOT stretch the shaft of the boot. Rather, they help preserve your boots in the best condition possible, for as long as possible.

Pedag Boot Shapers 14 inches

    • suitable for all types of boots
    • smoothes wrinkles gently
    • facilitates drying, care and storage
    • easy to use
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