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HEELS   $18.95-$29.95

The Top Lift / Heel Lift is the part at the end of your heel that comes in contact with the ground. It can either be in rubber or leather or a combination of both depending on the style of footwear. We carry a variety of different toplift sizes and colors.

HEIGHT SHORTENING     $39.95-$49.95

Do your heels fill a tad too high? Depending on the construction / style of your shoes we can shorten the heel height by 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch.

BROKEN HEELS   $149.95-$189.95

For broken stilettos or high-heeled footwear, we carry an assortment of heels that we can match with your original heels to retain the existing style.

We can fix all types of heels and if it’s not repairable we can replace the heels with a similar pair. After the heel(s) is/are replaced we would than recover them with the same or similar material/color around the heels.

HEEL REPLACEMENT   $189.95-$299.95

If the original design allows, we may be able to change a wide heel into a stiletto or change a stiletto into a wide heel to create a different design. Please note that feasibility depends on the original design and construction.

Whether you’re looking to replace the existing material or do something different and fun, we can work with you to customize your look. We have a wide array of various leathers, suedes and fabrics.

RECONSTRUCTION   $189.95-$299.95

Dog bite, heel impact damage, fire or water wear and tear? Depending on the original item construction, we may be able to reconstruct the damaged area.

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